Growing a family of schools which provides an excellent
education for our children

“Building self belief, resilience and a love of challenge”

Established in April 2014 in North East Surrey ‘Oaks Academy Trust’ began with two schools, Banstead Infant School and Warren Mead Junior School.  Oaks Academy was upgraded to Sponsor status in July 2014 which shows a vote of confidence from the Department for Education. The Principal of the Academy, Gill Harradine became a National Leader of Education in February 2015. Gill and Oaks’ schools offer support to other schools.

We started a Multi-Academy Trust because we are passionate about learning and wanted to look beyond our own schools and play a bigger part in transforming children’s lives. We know that working in partnership with other schools brings about rapid school improvement and improves outcomes for children. Collaboration is an exciting way to work.


Providing an excellent education for children is our passion and moral purpose.  With high aspirations for all, we help our children become confident learners, imbued with resilience, a love of challenge and respect for others.

This is achieved through:

  1. Clear reporting lines, accountability and separation of responsibilities
  2. Valuing the distinctiveness of our schools
  3. A relentless drive for excellence
  4. Rigorous financial and budget control

Oaks Academy aims to bring schools together in order for the children to have a powerful, joined-up education. Transformational learning comes from professionals who ask questions and are keen to remain learners themselves. Oaks is an academy where the Head Teachers embrace change and recognise that education can always change for the better as a result of what both teachers and learners do in the present. The Head Teachers have agreed a philosophy which permeates all Oaks schools. This philosophy develops as we learn.

The children grow from strength to strength as they hear the same messages as they continue on their journey through each phase of their learning.

Oaks aims to develop children who have self-belief and a high self-esteem; children who seek challenge and use creative strategies to solve these challenges; children who love learning and have high expectations for themselves and children who have strong values and are responsible citizens.

Oaks’ schools are joined by ‘a sense of moral purpose and passion. Passion arises when one’s own vision of a better future is coupled with a sense of one’s own power to make it happen.’ Alison Peacock

Gill Harradine

Trustees’ Report and Audited Accounts for the year ending 31 August 2016

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